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We Offer Unique, Adaptable

Laundry Unit Design

Our concept is unique because it is built for a variety of uses, built with the most efficient, safe components, the units can be used by ANYONE. It can be transported with most tow capable vehicles to a vast variety of locations for day-to-day travel or as a permanent fixture for the individual that needs the extra storage as well as a personal laundry facility.

The units can be adapted for each Individuals needs or scenario by choosing the adaptable option they want or need.

These unique mobile units are designed as an adaptable but self-contained facility for each type of individual scenario or situation.

The Basic Trailer

Each of our basic trailers include the following:

Cargo Trailer: 6 x 12, or 7 x 14, or other sizes as requested for additional fee.

Standard Equipment

Adaptable Options

These are optional features to customize your trailer, making it perfect for you.

Optional Equipment for trailer:

Signage Includes: