Are you a well traveled individual looking to bring the comforts of home life on the road? Our custom private mobile laundry units may be the answer.


Access to a laundry unit can be taken for granted easily. Sure, you can go to a laundromat wherever you decide to park your truck or RV, but is there always a guarantee of a laundry facility in every stop you may have to make? 

Private Mobile Laundry

Our private mobile laundry units are perfect for customers with wanderlust looking for the most beautiful and remote stops our country has to offer. From national parks to remote desert rock climbing trips and fishing in nigh-undiscovered lakes. A unit is easily set up at the lake, RV Parks, or even at your private residence if you’re in need of temporary laundry during a renovation or any other emergency.

Features Of A Private Laundry Unit

Our concept is unique because it is built for a variety of uses, built with the most efficient, safe components, the units can be used by anyone. They’re easy to tow, use, and can be adapted to individual needs. Our basic private mobile laundry unit trailer features standard features such as LED tail lights, a 2000LB A-Frame jack with sand foot, a 75″ interior height, 3/4″ plywood floors, 4 way flat plugs, standard and commercial washers for C.D.M units, standard and commercial LP/Gas dryers for C.D.M units, main electrical panel and wiring, dryer venting, water connection and pressure plumbing, propane gas line with regulator, plumbing, standard fire extinguishers, a water heater, and more! Optional equipment options include a larger trailer, screen doors, additional lighting options, counter tops, side windows, commercial large load washers and dryers, dividing walls, safety hooks, air conditioners and heaters, generators, and any other options to make your unit more autonomous. Whatever your laundry needs, Remote Laundry Room has the units to help you keep your life comfortable and smelling great.

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