Whether you’re an RV park manager, a full time RVer, or just taking a short vacation, having an RV park laundry facility has many benefits.  

RV Traveler Pros And Cons

Most of us who go on week-long, or even shorter, vacations pack enough clothes to get us through that particular timeframe, but when you take those long trips, you will find that laundry becomes a necessity. When RV parks do have laundry, they are usually well-kept and reasonably-priced so you’ll be able to keep your clothes and blankets fresh for the whole trip! 

Despite many RV park laundry units being an option, they’re not always available or adequate. Most RV parks that offer laundry facilities do not have enough washers and dryers to meet their demand.

RV in RV Park

This can be especially detrimental if one of the washers or dryers becomes out of order. That means you have two options – search for an RV park that offers laundry services, or bring your own. While laundry at the RV park tends to be fairly inexpensive and comparable to laundromats, towing your own washer and dryer trailer means you’ll have facilities available everywhere. However, they can be expensive, extend the length of your towing or driving load, and use up a lot of water in your RV unit.

RV Park Owner Benefits

As an RV Park owner or manager, offering laundry facilities has great benefits. Having convenient access to laundry means that those staying on your property will give you more business instead of opting for a laundromat in town that may or may not have a parking lot big enough for their recreational vehicle. While your short trip RVers probably won’t be drawn in by the prospect of an RV park laundry facility, full time RV living clients will be looking to doing laundry on the road. The frequency of their business will largely depend on their specific needs, but you can expect one family RV to frequent your machines at least every other week. With multiple loads, proper color separation, and drying, that can result in enough of a profit for your mobile laundry facility to pay for itself in no time. 

Most RV owners are in need of some sort of laundry service. Why not bring the laundry to them with a laundry room trailer from Remote Laundry Room? Most RV travelers complain that laundry is one of the biggest negatives of full-time RVing. Turn that demand into profit today! 

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