Summer camping is a staple of the season, but there’s more than just roughing it! With Remote Laundry Room you can camp in luxury.

Glamping - The Best Way To Enjoy Summer Camping

Are you thinking of taking your family camping this summer? Some campgrounds can be very remote and if you’re not choosing to stay at a campsite, won’t have many of the amenities like showers or laundry facilities. Upgrade the family vacation with a remote laundry trailer. Keep everyone clean and healthy, anywhere! From private use for camping and traveling the country, to public natural disaster relief efforts, our units can adapt to it all! Visit us, online, to learn more and order today.

Summer Camping

Personalized Trailers

Our unique mobile units are designed as an adaptable but self-contained facility for each type of individual scenario or situation. The units can be adapted to your individual needs or scenario by choosing the option they want or need. If you’re planning an extended trip or to live out on the road full time, our units are great companions to any kind of trip! Hop into the van life trend without fear of discomfort and explore our great nation and beyond easily, not limiting yourself to discomfort or opportunities that will come your way with your newfound freedom.

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