It’s finally spring and that means that post-pandemic industry is ready to flourish once again. Does your staff have what they need to be happy and healthy on a job site?

Remote Locations

New developments are happening all over the nation and the world. The maps are being filled in now more than ever as people move, new communities are built, and new infrastructure is set to be rolled out. This means that construction and development crews may be out in a remote location for days at a time. Do they have access to shelter, food, and water? They also deserve cleanliness!

remote spring construction

 Thankfully, Remote Laundry Room helps guarantee that your crew will have access to clean clothes every day. Construction is a messy job — ensure your personnel is kept healthy and clean with our mobile laundry trailers.

Spring Weather

Storms, rain, rising heat, and the occasional slow shower means sweaty, muddy, and dirty clothes. When you’re outside for long periods of time independent of your industry, your job, or your schedule, it becomes more important to have clean clothes. A warm dryer cycle can keep a construction worker warm in cooler temperatures for some time, washing away sweat helps prevent bacterial infections, and having clean clothes after a downpour is a good comfort, however small. Sometimes water can be contaminated with pollutants and you don’t want that anywhere near your skin!

Disaster Relief

Whether you’re helping or have unfortunately become a victim of weather-based disasters, having clean clothes becomes a necessity. Those present during the damage may be wounded and in need of medical attention. Debris and fluids can cause certain injuries to become much worse for both rescuers and victims. Unclean conditions are also common after natural disasters when infrastructure systems break down. A study from the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health has evaluated risk factors involved with natural disasters and the leading population displacement and how they can result in secondary effects such as diseases. Don’t get caught out in an emergency without access to clean clothes and supplies! Always be prepared with a backup for damaged infrastructure.

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